Welcome to my new blog about homemaking!

Welcome to my little corner of the web! I am delighted to have you here and I hope you find something useful here that will help you on your journey of being an intentional homemaker. From personal finance, homeschooling and homemaking tips- I have us covered ladies : )

My desire to be intentional about my homemaking really intensified when we decided to home school our son in 2014. Up until that time, I was a full time mental health Nurse working night shifts and struggling to balance my duties as a wife, mum and employee. I remember having lengthy discussions with my husband about how unfulfilled I felt at work and how tired I always seemed to feel.

Although working night shifts seemed to have been the answer to being available during the day for my children, it was taking its toll on me as I was hardly managing to get any sleep during the day. The tipping point came when my son’s school report came showing that he was lagging far behind for his age group and was marked as achieving below expected levels across all his subjects. He was 6 years old at the time and my heart just broke. We booked him in for speech therapy but he didn’t make much progress and so finally we made the decision to home school him for a year and then put him back into school.

To cut a long story short, he blossomed during that year and we decided to just continue for as long as he was excelling and make the necessary sacrifices. I gave up my nursing career at that time and have not looked back since. I now home school all 3 of our children and expecting our 4th in March 2017. We have had to make some sacrifices and our budget has performed some kung-fu moves along the way but it is so worth it. I get to be at home with my babies and have a front row seat in their learning journey and I am definitely far less grumpy and more available to support my husband with our businesses now that I get some sleep:)

IMG_20150731_094437274_HDR                  IMG_20150210_102705044              IMG_20141007_110948248

We have settled into a routine with the schooling and I’m now able to focus on increasing our earnings, getting out of debt and saving for the things that matter to us, like giving generously, travelling and buying our first home.

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So, join me on this journey of intentional living, I will be updating this blog regularly so please sign up so you don’t miss any exciting news, tips and freebies that I have in store for you.

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